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Short, 2024

Director: Job Gailey
Editor: Benjamin McClain


A man wakes to find a second version of himself, but he can't stop his consciousness from being split, unless he tries something desperate.



Short, 2023

Director: Pablo Aguilar

A horror short about a maintenance worker who faces an unexpected adversary: a seemingly benign robotic camera. This short explores the chilling intersection of technology and fear, questioning our blind trust in machines.

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Short, 2023

Director: Imogen Walker

A post-apocalyptic short movie about two siblings surviving together in a bunker. The score features the Italian Guitar Player Alessandro De Fusco as a performer on some tracks.

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Animated Short, 2023

Director: Pratham Mudbidri

"Facade" is a conceptual short film delving into the intricacies of the subconscious mind. It portrays the mind's ability to amplify and distort reality, magnifying every detail and fabricating intricate scenarios. This film explores the thin line between perception and imagination, illustrating how our minds can construct and dwell in elaborate facades, often diverging from actuality. Through its narrative and visuals, "Facade" invites viewers to reflect on the power and influence of their subconscious in shaping their view of the world and their interactions within it.

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Bête Noir

Short, 2023

Director: Jeremy Brondoni

"Bête Noire" is a tense, horror-themed short film centered around a mysterious stone house, where supernatural events lead to a harrowing climax.


The Chitin Hunter

Animated Short, 2023

Director: Pratham Mudbidri

Created at the Plankton Collective, an Animation Studio in Bangalore "The Chitin Hunter" series takes a new look towards the ups and downs and sometimes amusing mysteries of life as a student with connection to spirit creatures.

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Burn To Be Reborn


Fashion Film, 2022

Art Direction: Irene Loreti & Carla Mariani

Styling: Irene Loreti

Clothes: VENTIDUE studio by Carla Mariani

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Short, 2023

Director: Michael Payne

Producer/Recording Engineer

Alexander Layer

Since 2018 I'm the Co-Producer, Arranger and Bass Player for Alexander Layer, an Italian instrumental Progressive Metal Project.

Together we have recorded 4 Studio Album's for the record label Elevate Records, toured across Italy playing alongside international artists like Reb Beach and released several Video Clips and Educational Contents


Quasar H7

In 2016 I engineered the Vocals for the debut album of the Progressive Rock Band, Quasar H7. Since then I became the producer and Bass Player for the next releases and Live Shows of the Band: Miles After Mioes (2016), Dark Luna Park (2021)


Momos Accordion

In 2019, in collaboration with the Italian Sound Engineer Alessio Tancredi, I sampled a Pigini Accordion, one of the finest Accordion on the planet, and published  for the brand Momos Production.


Global Swarm

In 2022 for the first time I contributed to what I think is one of the most innovative resource on the planet for music composers, Pianobook. I'm extremely proud to ba a part of the Global Swarm Project even if I just sampled some random notes on my cello for the project

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